domingo, 22 de junio de 2008

Unholy Archangel - The Wrath Of Kosmosistis [2003]

The Wrath Of Kosmosistis cover (Click to see larger picture)

Genre(s);Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s):Greek Mythology, Paganism, anti-christian
Origin:Greece (Athens/Attica)
Formed in:1996
1.Zeus Worship01:52
2.Storming Attack of the Makedonians03:03
3.Makedomonians War Superiority02:22
4.Desecration of Judeochristianism01:18
5.The Katastrofik Wrath of Kosmosistis Poseidon03:26
6.Release the Typhon01:46
7.Ejaculate With the Holy Bible01:27
Total playing time15:26
pass: Satanicblackmetal666

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