sábado, 16 de febrero de 2008

Black Funeral - Vampyr - Throne of the Beast - ( 1996 )

Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Origin : United States of America (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Formed in : 1993

1.Ex Sanguini Draculae
2.The Floating Blue Witchlight
3.Valley of the Shadow
4.Spectral Agony of Pain and Loneliness
5.Vampyr - Throne of the Beast
6.Spirit of the Werewolf
7.Rising From a Dishonored Grave
8.Of Dark and Crimson Spheres
Total playing time : 27:29
Pass : Satanicblackmetal666

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wanzer dijo...

a senha tem um "S" maiusculo
tem que ser "s" minusculo

Anónimo dijo...

I touched on this topic. In the course of positioning in the Situation when my grandfather built the second story project on the house, but he didn't complete the project completely. The gods did this deliberately to establish a foundation of not finishing/incomplete a job.
Unfortunately for them this created an obligation, one they fulfilled later::::As his son entered clone hosting when grandfather was reincarnated he too entered clone hosting, and one of his "stops" was in his son's body.
It was grandfather in son's body when he completed the house project. That he used contractors is of no regard I suspect. This permitted the gods to wash their hands of this obligation and free themselves of any further compensation due to their behavior.
The same is true with the Situation. They used me to spell out exactly how their system works to alleviate/dissipate their obligation to the victims of the 20th century. That people were confused and referred to their positioning is of no consequence:::They have been taught and this suffices for the obligation arising.